Stabil Manual 49-52 from 1931 in English and French

The manual was issued, when Franz Walther wanted to sell his outfits on the English market in 1931. After the death of Franz Walther, the Walther family was no longer interested in marketing outside Germany. So this English and the French manual were the last manuals issued in another language than in German.
I have to thank Ansgar Henze for giving me the English manual, which is in a very good condition. A also have to thank Robert Podzuweit for the scans of his French manual.

The copy of the English manual is showing differences between Meccano and Stabil concerning the representation of models.
In the German manuals, Walther was using clear technical expressions for the naming of subassemblies. He also listed, which parts the subassembly is made of. This is a great help for the construction of the models, as in most cases no further explanation is needed.
Besides, Walther was presenting technical drawings to show complex assemblies.
Franz Walther said: This outstanding type of description is a significant advantage compared to manuals of competitors.
Walther tried to use this concept also in the manuals printed in languages other than German.

The English manual from 1931 is a translation of the 1930 German manual. The differences to the German manual are.
Some more info about the contemporary line of German manuals is available. The text is in German.
There was no English or French manual for the larger Stabil outfits 53-55. A German manual 53-55 was added to these outfits.

The manuals are subject to copyright of the heirs of the former company Walther & Co.
The entire contents of the manuals are protected, and cannot be copied, disseminated or modified for any commercial purposes. You are only allowed to download, print out the text, photos and graphic elements for personal, private and non-commercial purposes.

The pages were scanned with a resolution of 150dpi.

Complete Stabil Manual 49-52 from 1931 in English

Some Pages from Stabil Manual 49-52 from 1932 in French

The French manual is very similar to the English manual. The following pictures show the 4 cover pages and the pages 3-14 and 126-128. The pages 1-2 are lost. The model pages 15-125 show the same models as the English manual, but with a French description.
Page 10 is showing the new parts 84a-c, 88, 89. On page 11 only the conditions for participation in the Stabil model contest are printed - no prizes.
The copies are rather coarse and have a resolution of only 96dpi.

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